Andy Ostrowski – Lighting Designer

anonymousI am writing this recommendation for Niki Armato. I worked with Niki in several ways. As an ASM for the student shows. She moved onto being a PSM for the conservatory shows. I worked with Niki professionally as an ASM, as well as, a PSM. All the while i have seen her grow in management skill as well as organizational skills. She has never had a hard time calling a show. I have worked with her on musicals and straight plays. Niki is very conscientious and responsible. She knows she can find work back here in Pittsburgh if she ever returns.

Andy worked directly with Niki at The Pittsburgh Playhouse

David Whalen – Actor/Teacher: Harden Curtis Agency/Carnegie Mellon

DavidWhalenNiki is an excellent stage manager. She is focused, energetic, detailed oriented, & above all generous in spirit. These gifts make her an asset to any theatre. I recommend her highly.

David worked directly with Niki at Pittsburgh Irish & Classical Theatre

Tony Bingham – Independent Performing Arts Professional

TonyBinghamNiki is an excellent stage manager, and she would be my first choice to hire for ANY production.

Tony worked directly with Niki at City Theatre Company

Judith DiPerna – House Manager at City Theatre

JudithDiPernaNiki is one of the most professional yet so easy to work with – she is patient and never loses her cool – she is efficient and just damn good at what she does – I look forward to working with her again

Judith worked directly with Niki at City Theatre Company

Don DiFonso – Costume Designer at Point Park University

DonDiFonsoNiki proved herself to be a highly professional stage manager on the shows that we worked together. I would highly recommend her for any theatrical position.

Don worked directly with Niki at The Pittsburgh Playhouse