Nick Leavens – Director

nickleavensIf I could always work with one stage manager, it would be Niki Armato. She set the highest standard throughout our work on The House of Von Macrame. The show was giant and complex with over 150 costumes, 14 actors, complicated scene changes and extreme blood effects throughout. During the entirety of the process Niki displayed the utmost professionalism, organization, tact, know-how and always maintained her cool under extreme pressure. I hope I get the opportunity to work with her again and any director would be lucky to have her on their team.


Joshua Conkel – Playwright

JoshuaConkelNiki is, without a doubt, the best Stage Manager I’ve ever worked with. She ran an enormous show with 14 actors, 150 costumes, and copious stage effects with grace, cool, and a sense of humor. She was also incredibly adept at managing time and her staff/crew. She is an A+++ stage manager!

Alan Stanford – Artistic Director at Pittsburgh Irish and Classical Theatre

AlanStanfordNiki has worked as an assistant stage manager on several of my productions with Pittsburgh Irish and Classical Theatre. She is incredibly efficient, hard working and reliable. She engages with her work on every level. She also has a great sense of team spirit, and is always popular with the team she works with. I would have no difficulty in recommending her or,indeed, employing her in the future.


Elizabeth Atkinson – Freelance Sound Designer and Composer

ElizabethAtkinsonI have worked with Niki at several theaters as an ASM, SM, and as a PSM. It’s always a pleasure to work with her and I couldn’t ask for better professionalism and thoroughness.

Elizabeth worked directly with Niki at Pittsburgh Irish & Classical Theatre

Andrew Clateman – Professional Actor, College Instructor, Teaching Artist

anonymousNiki was born stage manager. She’s a calm, professional, reassuring presence who you can rely on to get things done and maintain a harmonious atmosphere.

Andrew worked directly with Niki at Metropolitan Playhouse

Angelo Fraboni – Angelo Fraboni Productions

AngeloFraboniNiki was an efficient manager for me. She was hired for a duel role as a Company/Stage Manager for a show that was ever changing. She adapted quickly to the changing material and casts from week to week. She was well like and respected by the cast, crew, and management of the theater. She communicated effectively with the NY producing creative team that help us make necessary adjustments in the show throughout the run. She was a joy to have on the team and would be a strong asset to any production.

Angelo was Niki’s client

David Burfoot – Actor

DavidBurfootFocused and always in control, a pleasure to work with Niki!

David worked directly with Niki at Metropolitan Playhouse

J.M. (Marty) McDonough – Actor/Exhibitor/Photographer

JMMcDonoughNiki is awesome. She was constantly on top of all issues that arose in the course of the production. Sometimes before anyone else knew they were issues she already had the solution in place. Of the many stage managers with whom I have worked over the years, she ranks with the very few at the top of the list with whom I would happily work again at the drop of a hat!

J. M. (Marty) worked directly with Niki at Metropolitan Playhouse

Stephen Pelletier – Associate Producer at Metropolitan Playhouse

StephenPelletierNiki has a firm but diplomatic hand, minds the details and is focused on maintaining show quality each and every performance.

Stephen worked directly with Niki at Metropolitan Playhouse

Charles E. Gerber – Founding Member/Director of Classical Theater at The WorkShop Theater Company

anonymousNiki Armato impressed me considerably during our run of THE JAZZ SINGER at Metropolitan Playhouse last autumn of 2011. I’d been engaged as an actor in the production and in my 40 years experience in our profession, I found her to be consistently excellent in her hugely responsible duties as Production Stage Manager. Her technical skills are seriously astute as are her “people skills” far advanced for one still but in her twenties.  I most confidently recommend Niki to any and all theater companies who are serious in pursuit of excellence and so wish their stage management to have the highest of professional competence.

Charles E. worked directly with Niki at Metropolitan Playhouse