POSE S2 Promo

January 2019

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Key PA – Stills

Love Is Another Country

Presented February 2019 at VS. Theatre

A Coin & Ghost Production

Written by Lisa Marie Rollins

Directed by Kendall Johnson

Set Design – Niki Armato

Lighting Design – Derrick McDaniels

Original Composition – Spencer Christovale

Costume Design – Brittany Campbell

Sound Design – Niki Armato

Production Stage Manager – Niki Armato

Featuring: Dee Dee Stephens, Tyree Marshall, Celia Mandela Rivera, Amaka Izuchi

American Horror Story S8 Promo

July 2018

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2nd 2nd AD – Stills & Social

Mae West’s SEX

Presented by Buzzworks, May/June 2018 at The Hudson Theater

Written by Mae West

Directed by Sirena Kay

Scenic Design by Michael Flannery

Lighting Design by Derrick McDaniels

Sound Design by Dave Marling

Costume Design by Michael Mullen

Production Stage Manager – Niki Armato

Featuring: Andrea Hutchman, Davey Johnson, David Errigo, Carla Valentine, Kandace Lindsey, Wayne Wilderson, Perry Brown, Susan Edwards Martin, Lowam Eyasu, Ryan Phillips

Chun-Li – Nicki Minaj

Good Company, LA
2nd 2nd AD 

  • Bumped up from Set PA
  • 4 Days, 45 Crew Members

Two Gentlemen* of Verona


photos by Julian Juaquin

Presented March 2018 at The Ruby Theater @ Complex Hollywood

by Coin & Ghost

Written by William Shakespeare

Directed by Marguerite French

Scenic Design by Yuki Izumihara

Lighting Design by Niki Armato

Costume Design by Hannah Athena Lawton

Sound Designed by Elisa Rosin & Zach Davidson 

Production Stage Manager – Niki Armato

Featuring: Sims Holland, Elisa Rosin, Kendall Johnson, Colbert Alembert, Kathleen Leary, Victoria Martinez


Night-Tinted Glass

Two Gentlemen* of Verona

Fortunate Son: A Faust Myth

photos by Kendall Johnson

Presented Oct.20-Nov.12, 2018 at The Ruby Theater @ The Complex Hollywood

Written by Cecilia Fairchild

Directed by Zach Davidson

Costume Design by Hannah Lawton

Lighting Design by Joey Guthman

Sound Design by Zach Davidson & Niki Armato

Featuring: Will Rothaar, Alex Demers, Leve Ross, Dan Stevens, Elisa Rosin, Alex Garland, Adam Lebowitz-Lockhart, Devin Holliman, Ashley Angione, Joseph Baca III


The Grey Nomad

Presented Sept-Oct, 2017 at The Skylight Theater

Written by Dan Lee

Directed by Iain Sinclair

Scenic Design by Se Oh

Costume Design by Kate Burgh

Sound Design by Cricket S. Myers

Lighting Design by Jared A. Sayeg

Assistant Stage Manager Garret Crouch

Featuring: Ros Gentle, Wendy Hammers, David Ross Paterson, Paul Tassone

Love Is A Dirty Word

photos by Aaron Epstein

Presented July 2017 & November 2017 at VS Theater (LA) & Z-Space (SF)

Written and Performed by Giovanni Adams

Directed and Developed by Rebecca Wolff

Scenic Design by Rachel Myers

Lighting Design by Derrick McDaniels (LA) & Sophia Craven (SF)

Sound Design by Niki Armato







Paradise Lost: Reclaiming Destiny

Presented March 10 – April 2, 2017 at The Greenway Court Theatre

Produced by Not Man Apart – Physical Theatre Ensemble & Greenway Court Arts Alliance

Adapted & Directed by Jones Welsh-Talmadge

Co-Directed by Laura Covelli

Choreographed by Alina Bolshakova, Anne Marie Talmadge & Charles Roy 

Original Music Composed by Elsia Rosin, Alyisa Michelle James & Bernie Silerson

Lighting Design by John Bass

Costume Design by Ashpord Jacoway

Sound Design by Niki Armato & Laura Covelli

Visual Effects by J-Walt Adamczyk

Videography by Hannah Beavers

Featuring: J-Walt Adamczyk, James Bane,  Alina Bolshkova, Laura Covelli, Zachary Reeve Davidson, Marguerite French, Alexander Garland, Kendall Johnson, Janine Montag, Moses Norton, Elisa Rosin, Charles Roy, Anne-Marie Talmadge, Jones Welsh Talmadge



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Night-Tinted Glass